Important Moments.

We believe that events are a good way to engage people on talent development, self-empowerment and enterprise serenity.

Each event involved a more and more big audience, for this reason we decided to give to other companies the opportunity to be a sponsor of our meetings.

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2015 | Maria Belòn

Find the courage.

Maria Belòn, motivational speaker, survived the tsunami that hit Thailandia in 2006. She is our guest to tell us about her personal experience and how to find the strength to overcome any obstacle in life and work.

2015 | Manuel Estiarte

Change to win.

Sometimes, following with perseverance a business goal, we can’t see the defects and evaluate new alternative strategies. It may become necessary to step back and look at the technological context to pursuit a change.

2014 | Chris Gardner

The pursuit of happiness.

What is happiness and how can I reach it? On the occasion of the Milan World Business Forum, Zeta Service presents a meeting to seek a response together, thanks to the intervention of Chris Gardner.

2013 | Alex Rovira

The development of talent.

Rovira firmly believes in the transformative power of words and in the enormous potential that is in all of us.

2012 | Andy Cohen

Magic and positive thinking.

Andy Cohen is not just a magician, he is also a great and famous motivational leadership expert. Cohen uses magic as a metaphor to demonstrate the power of the assumptions in the business world, in the marketing and in the communication.

2011 | Daniel Goleman

Emotional intelligence.

Empathy, listening and attention to people are elements that come from human intelligence and that influence our life, our relationships and our actions. All this can be applied to the world of work as well.

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